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Therapeutic Massage with Nick and Jen

Clinical Massage Therapy: Welcome

Clinical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage

Clinical massage is a targeted, goal oriented session to improve and correct the symptoms associated with a specific condition such as poor posture, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis / golfer's elbow, and many more medical conditions. The therapist will ask for an in-depth medical history and take into account habitual daily activities that could be exacerbating the clients symptoms such as: occupation, stress, repetitive stress motion, commute, and sleeping position. Modifying daily habits when possible, plus correcting soft tissue dysfunction in the body helps to bring the client long-term relief from their symptoms. 


Benefits Include:

  • Long-term relief from chronic symptoms

  • Improved Range of Motion and body awareness

  • Client education and at home stretches to maintain results

  • Prevention/reduction of Repetitive Stress Syndrome 



60 min (only) - $95.00

Upgrade your experience with organic CBD cream made locally in Fairfield, CT! This product is made with a coconut oil base and infused with CBD oil as well as hints of lavender and peppermint oil.

Add $10.00

Clinical Massage Therapy: Testimonials
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